19 May 2011

Here he comes, here comes speed racer


I got to take my MX5 around it last weekend, no photos or videos sadly, but boy it was fun! Diddnt cost me anything either as i was a race marshall for the day so they let me have 7 laps for free!

Bar a Honda S2000 slowing me down it was great and i have been invited back to marshall (getting payed this time) and go on the track again! So awesome!

The track was nice and wet so i got to go sideways alot which was sweet, got lots of compliments on my driving too.

ANYWAY sorry for not having an update, have been unbelieveably busy so im currently organising my updates and should have them up tomorrow at some stage.

9 May 2011

All Apologies

Sorry for the late post, a weekend of partying may have possibly distracted me from my blog...

Anyway! heres some pics from the other night, some people diddnt make it in the pics (black cars, poor lighting or not in a mazda/ford, left early/turned up late) so in the end we missed about 6 cars but heres what we did get.

And i have a good sized list of updates for when i finally get some batteries... yes im that poor right now lol.

5 May 2011

Back in black

Just got back from the club meet, diddnt have the camera but a mate of mine took some pics, will have them uploaded today/tomorrow hopefully so be patient lol

4 May 2011

I need more power...

But not the kind you would expect, the batteries in my camera have run out so until i can get some more i will save the updates on what ive been doing with the car..

However! I shall instead show you some parts for sale locally that im trying to get for myself (and failing terribly due to lack fo funds)

  • Mazdaspeed rear bumper - hard to find item, nice and subtle, this one has a little damage but nothing i cant fix.

  • Side Skirts - Owner hasnt put a brand on these but im pretty sure they are bomex, not too flashy, not too low, gives a much stauncher look to the side of the car.

  • Vented bumper indicators - Lighter weight than the factory ones and allow more air into the engine bay, always good to have more cold air going in.

  • Radiator cover - Tidies up under the bonnet and forces more air through the radiator.These were factory fitted from 1993 on so being a 1991 car mine missed out.

  • New shift knob - Current one is highly uncomfortable, had to remove the rubber ring on it just to bring the size down a bit, and i have big hands as it is. this one (on the left) is much more comfortable and looks alot better too. Note: im not a fan of chrome and it does come in other finishes

So those are few parts i have my eye on right now, might not have a post tomorrow night as i have a car club meet but if i can get some batteries for the camera i might have some pics to share with you of some of the other cars in my club.

3 May 2011

The good the bad and the ugly

Seeing as a couple of people have asked heres some pics of the engine bay, MX5 nuts will notice all the emissions gear has been removed and that it has an 8slot pulley meaning it has the stronger keyway :D Happy days.

Had a go at patching the roof up a bit better tonight, lots of silicone and cloth tape, hopefully it shouldnt flap around in the wind so much now...

And on the suggestion of a friend of mine im putting up a donation button so i can get a new roof, im not really expecting any donations but if anyone feels sorry for me getting wet when i go to uni then i would happily appreciate any amount XD All money will go towards getting a new hard or soft top which is my top priority for the car right now.

The button is in here for now (i hope it works, never done this before) and as soon as i figure out how to put it on the side i will, thanks to all who view, comment and especially those who donate! Its really nice to have a community out there supporting what i do :)

2 May 2011

Which seat can i take?

 Started the hunt for some new seats and as im on a tight budget second hand will be the way to go. What ive been eyeing up however is these:

Type B Leather front seats from a Eunos 100 or BG mazda 323 Sedan. Sedan seats dont have the yellow piping but are much harder to find.

 Next are the same seat design but made from Suede, very hard to find, and because of this very hard to find good pictures of. They come from a Mazda Infini, Incredably rare. I used to have a full set but i sold it many years ago, the seats are so comfortable and the Suede is nice, ladies love it too!

Otherwise if i can pick up a cheap set of Recaros from an old lancer, evo or bighorn i might go with them. Opinions?

A word of thanks

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support, I didnt expect so much of a responce! Really gives me motivation to keep going with it.

Time to get some sleep, day off uni tomorrow so should have an update at the end of the day.

Ill leave you with this, its a MX5 drifting compilation i made back in april last year, feel free to comment on here or YouTube if you liked it! might do another one soon so post any subject or audio suggestions you might have!

1 May 2011

Work on the Black Beast Begins

Well work finally began on the Mx5, first things first where to remove the rusty ECU/Foot plate on the pasengers side and move the ECU under the dash then texture coat the floors to make them look a bit better and to waterproof them. Ended up installing a head deck and rewiring all the speakers so they work while i was at it. Sadly the speakers in the seats are a bit rough but im replacing the seats anyway, more on that in a future post.

And all the lovely Rusty peices i removed from the passenders side.

Got my carbon tail lights in, had these sitting for about 2 years waiting for a car to put them on, got them for free to. They are not perfect but they will do for now, Got my Mazdaspeed Exhaust Peice on too.

Also took out the bits of rust i found in the sills and painted them, and tidied up the front bumper a bit, car got extreamly dusty, joys of working in a panel shop. Fitted up a headlight cover get a bit more cold air into the intake, cover was also a freebe ive aquired.

Thats about all i recall doing, got a list of thigns to look for and do over the week so should have another update within a few days. Thanks for looking.